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For some people, the packaging of a product is simply the box of a product. They usually extract the product from the packaging and don’t pay much attention to packaging at all. However, for some people, the packaging of the product matters a lot. They pay much attention to inspecting the packaging and its contents and it impacts their judgment about the product a lot. They ask about various designs and color choices regarding packaging. One of the recurrent questions is about the uses of colored circles in packaging.

Ever wonder what do the colors mean on food packaging? If seen from the eye of consumers these randomly placed circles and similar patterns in different colors may look useless but they are quite important. These patterns are very effective in the packaging of products and have a specific purpose. These circles also have a very profound effect during the printing of the packaging of the products. But the purpose of these different anomalies like black dot on food products is often misunderstood. The following are various reasons these patterns are used by packaging companies.

Use of dots In packaging:

Dots on food products determine the basic color of the packaging while it is passing through the printing process. The information encoded in different easy-to-understand signals like colored dots on packaging is easily understood by the printer. It helps guide the printing process of the products and helps in their better food packaging boxes. Similarly, they help to stop the printing of the wrong colour on the packaging of products and save precious time and money. Hence it is an easy-to-understand and implement process to avoid the errors in packaging of the products.

Circles in packaging:

Colored circles in food packaging are similarly used for different purposes. One purpose of using such circles is to make sure that the color of the packaging is compatible with the chosen pallet of colors. These help to differentiate different colors and maintain homogeneity in various products throughout the packaging process. Hence by employing simple things as using these circles, batches of products can be packaged the way they are intended.

Printing blocks in packaging:

Colored blocks are also employed in packaging as an easy-to-use solution to avoid problems in printing. By using color blocks, brands package their product more quickly and reliably. These printing blocks ensure that there is a similarity in the packaging of various batches of products. Different coloured blocks are used by packaging companies while packaging products. These colored dots on packaging are also an effortless measure to ensure the proper packaging process.

Use of different colors:

Different colors are used in the printing process and all of them have different meanings. They indicate the contents of packaging and serve as a heads-up to the customers. Various products are packaged using this method. Black dot on food products is a common addition. This helps differentiate the packaging that contains products such as chemical substances.So by using this, it can be prevented from getting ingested or used wrongfully.

Similarly, other marks can tell the consumers about the type of food product enclosed in the packaging. Yellow mark on food packaging indicates that the food product has an egg as a component in it. It can help in cases of allergies and intolerances and can be avoided by customers.

Blue mark on food products is also an essential indicator. It indicates the presence of an ingredient that is medicinally related. By a blue circle, the nature of the ingredient can be confirmed by the customers beforehand to avoid any complications. It can help avoid serious medical conditions and situations.

Red dot in food products is an indicator of non-veg ingredients of food in countries like India where meat is not consumed on a bigger scale. It can help individuals avoid it due to their ethnic beliefs as well as due to medical conditions. It is also used to indicate the chemical-related ingredients of the food products. Brown dots are also used for non-veg ingredients in place of red dots.

Green colored circles are used for mainly vegetarian foods. When natural materials like vegetables are used in products, green circles are used. Hence by using simple circles, consumers can get a general idea about the nature of the product. It can also serve as process control and help in the appropriate packaging of the products.

Necessity of using colored circles:

It is not compulsory to use these colored circles on the packaging. These are optional and can be used by brands to educate consumers about the type of product they can expect to have. In general, these colored dots or circles are important in the printing process and can help to print greater product batches.

It is more necessary information for printers than consumers but still helps to make a difference. It can leave a positive impact on customers and can greatly improve customers’ experience by leaps and bounds. It can help the customers make important decisions regarding the products and ensure a hassle-free experience. Similarly, in the case of printing, a check and balance is maintained to ensure that batches of packaging that can cost a lot are not defective and match the uniformity of other packaging.

Custom Packaging can be the make or break of a business. If done efficiently, it can help to ensure greater sales and profit margins while if done wrong, it can be a lethal mistake. It is therefore necessary to devise such methods that can ensure greater quality of packaging. It can check the printing process relatively easily and promptly. It can be easy for the employees too to keep up with this important process. Hence using these simple circles, helps them generate problem-solving capabilities.

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