Our Commitment to Privacy

While you are visiting our website, you must understand that your visit is subject to the privacy policy, mentioned below.

Custom Popcorn Boxes believes and maintains strict compliance of the privacy of the information of our website users, visitors and customers. Any part of information, collected by our system, starting from any queries, placed at our website or during order processing is not distributed, disclosed or sold to any third party but for the purpose of providing the best customer service, customer contacts, processing of the order or for the shipment process of the completed customers’ consignment, order(s) and requests for processing of order or information.

But, you must understand that our system doesn’t intentionally collect information from children. Our website and its system is not designed and structured for use by children or any other person, not of mature age.

You are expected to understand that we will only disclose of disseminating the information collected from you, but when required by law or to protect our interests and safety and those of other common visitors to our website or when you are allowed by you to do so. Your collected information can also be disclosed o applied with good faith, necessary to comply due to the current judicial or legal proceeding, a binding court order, legal process or litigation, and after the notices served upon our website.

Information Collection

Different parts of our website and web server collect and maintain different pieces of information. This collected user information is maintained and stored in the log files, such as visitors’ domain name, IP address, browser name and version, date/time of visit, referring/exit web pages, number of clicks and broad geographic/demographic information for further processing at the server end. Email addresses of the visitors and website users are not part of log files.

Custom Popcorn Boxes collects that part of the information that is provided to us by our website users. We understand that visitors and users to our website provide their names, email address, phone numbers, shipping address and other personal and business information, voluntarily. While purchasing from the website, you provide us the information, such as credit card data or account number. While providing this part of the information, we understand that you consent that while processing your requests, orders or any other financial transactions, this part of the information will be shared with our service providers and third parties, such as banking institutions, credit card, and shipping companies. You must understand that the financial information, provided by you, will be used to process your transactions or payment or during the billing for your products and services that you have requested to secure from us.

All our website users, visitors, and customers have the right to access and change the information, provided by them, while on our website.

Custom Popcorn Boxes is not following or involved in the false and wrong practice of providing, distributing selling information of website visitors, users or customer any other party. The only usage of the information of our website users, visitors and customers may be made for our marketing and for the improvement of our website services or performance of products and services. We also apply the collected information, while you are at our website, to contact you regarding any updates to our website, services products and other information we understand and deem fit and useful for your interest. In case you don’t like to receive the marketing information, to be provided from us, kindly send us an email at sales@allcustomboxes.co.uk

Security of the information, collected from a website user, visitors and customers, valuable to us. We take reasonably secure measures against unauthorized access to such information or its Online or Offline usage. The access to information banks, collected from our website users, visitors to our websites and customers, restricted, safely and soundly, in our offices. Our websites make the proper usage of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the highest available form of data security during the receipt or dissemination of information over the internet. Though SSL encryption verifies the highest level of the integrity of information and security of sending or receiving servers, information is never 100% safe over the internet. So, we cannot warrantee the safe and secure delivery or receipt of the information, you send us over the internet.

Business Transitions

If Custom Popcorn Boxes goes through a unusual business transition, such as sold to, merged with another company, or declaration of bankruptcy, the transfer of assets will include some or all of the information, collected from our website users and clients.


Custom Popcorn Boxes makes an appropriate usage of cookies, collected during the visit to our websites, to enhance the experience of website users, surfers, visitors and customers at our website. For the information, a cookie is a programmed set of data, stored on your computer, which can be used by your computer for a long and extended period of time by our website. A cookie on your computer will help and allow our website to recognize you as a specific individual and to relate the information to your information in our servers/records. For the best usage of the cookies, you must allow and activate the cookies in order to use our website. The cookies can be removed from your computer by following a set of instructions in your web browser.


Custom Popcorn Boxes website and server may contain specific links to other websites or servers. This is for your information that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any such other websites, servers or other entities upon the Internet. We actively encourage our users, visitors to our website and customers to be aware of such entities when they are visiting or leaving our website and to read the privacy statements of all the websites that collect personal information. Our privacy statement applies solely to information collected by our website.