Kraft Fries Boxes

Due to the rustic brown tone, several companies viewed Kraft boxes as ugly duckling packaging that should be avoided at all costs since it lacks style, customization, and elegance. This, on the other hand, could not be further from the truth. Custom Kraft boxes’ raw look is the secret ingredient for infinite great branding ideas. The fact that Kraft boxes are made entirely of recycled materials is the cherry on top of what makes them the best option for presenting and protecting a wide range of items.


All you need is a close touch to shape your Kraft boxes to your specifications. Our packaging solutions are the best on the market. These offer a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging choices for any of your products. We can design eco-friendly food packaging or environmentally friendly food packaging for you.

We make sure your packaging boxes are constructed of recyclable materials and printed using harmless inks to save waste while keeping a traditional and attractive appearance. Find a variety of customization options for Kraft boxes with us that can help you fit any of your items, such as tea, food, and so on.

We can develop Kraft fries boxes that are a good and cost-effective solution if you’re running a fast-food restaurant and don’t need boxes. Our food-graded bespoke paper bags are long-lasting and leak-proof. Perfect for delivering or taking away burgers, fries, nuggets, or fried chicken without affecting the taste or leaking.

Our customized Kraft fries boxes manufacture 100% recyclable materials. We have the excellent print quality to highlight your product’s inherent beauty. They’re strong enough to hold heavy goods and are a no-brainer in terms of cost.

We’re committed to environmental stewardship and will work with you to design a biodegradable yet durable custom printed Kraft box that is ideal for shipment. With an added eco-benefit, it’s ideal for mailer boxes, gift boxes, and e-commerce packaging. We utilize non-toxic ink to print your eco-friendly boxes, which produces high-quality prints.

Custom Kraft boxes are the ideal choice for protecting your products during delivery while also making a spectacular arrival. These eco-friendly packaging boxes are ideal for enclosing, holding, shipping, and promoting any type of item. Our packaging adds cardboard layers to Kraft boxes to enhance their strength and rigidity. We’re allowing them to survive a wide range of harsh weather conditions such as heat, moisture, and even shock.