When you are visiting our site and applying our resources, you must keep in your mind that while the content available at this website, such as, text, data, software, photographs, graphics, images, illustrations, maps, designs, icons, and other materials, are property of ‘Custom Popcorn Boxes’ or their ownership lies with the third-party providers. Copying, modification, storage, republishing, transmission or the further distribution of our website contents is strictly prohibited without our due and written consent and approval.

Custom Popcorn Boxes is also the declared owner of all the structure and graphical designs, presented upon our website. This must be very much clear that we neither display the templates of our products to the third parties nor we offer to sell them. We also reserve the right to display the images and pictures of design of your product while displaying them as the free specimen to the third parties.

Return and Refund Policy at Custom Popcorn Boxes

Due to traditional and customized nature of printed products and their related services we provide you, we expect to inform us within 2-3 working business days after acknowledging your confirm order, while we expect you to intimate us about any defective part of the product or which is not as per your ordered specifications. We are unable to refund or credit a part of the completed task to you but we may reprint your original order if the defect, fault or the mismatching with your specifications are found at our part. Right to determine the defect or the defected part lies with our management. To get the reprinting of the defected or faulted task, you must provide us the digital photos or documentation of the product defect or fault, returning at your own expense, the full quantity of the consignment to us within 7 working days after taking the original consignment delivery. Now, the additional charges, incurred upon the expedited orders and processing are non-refundable.

The Due Payment, Order Placement and the Cancellation of the Order

Due to our customized character of printed products and other related services, the complete processing of your orders for printing tasks or related printing services will not start at our end until a full and all payment, including total charges including taxes, shipping, and handling expenses are fully paid by the credit card or by any other user of website by adopting the reasonable, appropriate and customary payment method.

Along with the approved payment, we also require our customers or users of our website to provide us the duly approve a proof of the printed job, either in hard form or in the digital or electronic doc or file of the printing task or consignment of the products or other services they have ordered. After the formal and due approval of the proof, supplied to us by the customers, the printing tasks sent for the processing. After the due approval of the ordered specimen, received at our website and submission of the printing jobs for the processing, no responsibilities are accepted about the art piece docs, job specifications or other printing reversal time. After the formal and due approval of your order and payment from your side, a limited time of 4 hours is available to you to cancel your order. You will have to incur charges of cancellations at your end before the order is canceled. You may cancel the order within the 24 hours limit but at the charges of the 50% of the total amount of the ordered consignment, depending upon our work in process and other financial costs associated with the process of the cancellation. But, after the expiry of the 24 hours of the placement of the confirmed order, no guarantees are provided about the cancellation of the confirmed order.

Changes to our ‘Website’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’

In principle, we reserve each and every right change or modify any part of our website and or ‘Terms and Conditions’ at any time without any prior notice to the users, visitors or to the customers of the website. The upcoming changes or modifications in our website will, automatically, become part of changed or modified website and the new ‘Terms & Conditions’ will automatically and instantly, become effective. The continued usage and visit of our website even after such modification in ‘Terms & conditions’ will amount to your agreement to such modifications and changes.